YoBit listed Bitcoin God trading

Not many news so far about the Bitcoin God fork. Just a quick celebration tweet on their official Twitter account to confirm that the fork happened. YoBit is the first « newsworthy » listing announcement.

Via a short tweet, YoBit announced yesterday that they opened Bitcoin God asset for trading under the ticker GOD.

As for now, after almost 12h, the price had go down by almost 40%, (temporarily) stabilizing at about $77.

There are also listed on small exchanges like Gate.io and AEX where they are traded at a higher price, around $170.

CoinMarketCap didn’t list them yet, but it should happen soon since YoBit is part of their listed exchanges.


Edouard Hienrichs

Passionate about development, cryptocurrencies and Mars colonization, Edouard is also a quite good chess player, a strong Neo supporter and a Software Engineer at Coinboard.

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