Have you ever dreamed to launch your Bitcoin Fork ? Forkgen (supposedly) made it a reality !

Indeed, for « as little as » 0.01 BTC (~ $150), almost anybody can start its own Bitcoin fork just by filling a simple form. Obviously, your fork won’t bring any new feature in itself, which is the point advocated by most forks, but as we say : there is always something where there is money to be made.

I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad news, but it’s there anyway ! Forkgen allow anybody willing to start its very own Bitcoin IFO (Initial Fork Offering) to do so, in a matter of minutes. We didn’t take the risk of trying it, so I have no idea if this works. If you made a fortune in BTCs and don’t care about betting 0.01 BTCs, it’s up to you.

The author(s ?) seems to be anonymous and there is no Github or public profile linked, which may look suspicious. We would be happy to hear your thoughts if you’re the one brave enough to give it a try !


Edouard Hienrichs

Passionate about development, cryptocurrencies and Mars colonization, Edouard is also a quite good chess player, a strong Neo supporter and a Software Engineer at Coinboard.

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